Vincent Yu Yanan Lai
DOMO nature, a furniture brand from France, was founded in Paris by Vincent Yu, a Chinese designer, who has been living in France, and Yanan Lai, the Design Director of DOMO nature. Vincent Yu, the founder of DOMO nature is a professional artist with exceptional industrial talent, and Yanan Lai has been a university teacher as well as an interior designer for more than 10 years. Both of them share identical aesthetic standards that few partners can share, and are definite perfectionists.
The original works of DOMO nature fully convey the founders inner worlds and their views over the daily lives of modern people. The theme of their designs is to bring natural, harmonious, beautiful and unique creations into every functional space and to have the modern people fully sense the excitement, pleasure and facility from their designs. Their designing ideas emphasize that the furniture will display Chinese spirit of oriental culture and humanism, and make people see, as much as they can, the beauty of the language of material itself, thus adhering to perfectionism.
DOMO nature includes all kinds of furniture and artistic furnishings in a space, emphasizing an idea of spatial integrity in designing products. Hence we design a whole series of products for the brand annually, instead of one or two single ones. DOMO nature has successfully designed integral interior environments, furniture and artistic furnishings for some hotels and other public projects and residences. Its products have been widely acclaimed in European and American markets, and have formally got to China in 2008. The first flag displaying hall with a floor space of two thousand square meters in China mainland has been opened in Beijing---the DOMO Art Museum of Furniture Designs. The headquarter of DOMO is located at Dong Xin Dian, Nan Gao, Chao Yang District, Beijing, China, owning a manufacturing workshop about 2 hectares, integrating designing, production and selling. We specially expect and welcome imaginative designers from all over the world to join us and work hard together for pleasant spaces and lives.